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LabVIEW Programming

23+ years experience in LabVIEW™ programming coupled with a background in mechanical design and electro-optics provides a broad base to construct all elements of an automation/test system. We’ve developed automated Test and Metrology systems for many clients large and small.


  • 23+ Years Experience in LabVIEW programming LabVIEW Trainer, Inhouse training from LabVIEW Basics, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert Level Courses, Courses can be custom tailored to your needs and schedule.
  • Experienced in hardware and sensors for complete system consultation and integration – Creator of a LabVIEW dedicated support and service site for the LabVIEW community
  • WebMaster of the Lab-Useful Web Site: LabVIEW Tips, Tricks and Downloads.
  • Host of the First Southern California LAVA (LabVIEW Advanced Architect) User Group meetings.

  • SEM Scanning Electron Microscope Application Software: Developed PC Windows 2000 Based Application software for existing base of SEMs. Includes image display, capture and macro support this software is now sold in the US.
  • Water Filtration Monitoring System for Kidney Dialysis Centers: Developed a monitoring system for tracking water quality of Water Treatment Systems for Kidney Dialysis centers. System includes remote monitoring, eMail, dial-up and paging notification.
  • Sub-micron Drift Test System: A optical based drift test systems to measure sub-micron displacement of ultra-precision/stable mechanical stage over 8 hour period. bVIEW based system logged displacement over time with a resolution of >0.010 um, results were stored in a data file.
  • Laser Interferometer based Stage Performance Test System: Measure all performance criteria of high-end motion stages, using a Laser Interferometer. System measured Linear accuracy, point-to-point positioning, repeatability, hysteresis, vibration and velocity regulation. Software was a fully integrated ‘Test Suite’ where the operator chose the type of test to be run and the system type to be tested. Software fully self-configured all test parameters – to reduce setup errors. Instrument LabVIEW™ Drivers GPIB and Serial: Wrote many company software drives for instrumentation. Help defined criteria for construction of instrument software drivers.
  • Alignment Software Package for Fiber-Optic Devices: Key Development Programmer for AutoAlign™ an entirely LabVIEW™ based software package that performed real-time alignment of fiber-optic devices. Software controlled an ultra-precision motion system and optical power meter. System software provided ease-of-use with powerful metrology and test tools to conduct throughput and coupling measurements.



Passion leads to design, design leads to performance , performance leads to success!

Ideally, a tool designer should know the entire scope of the design goal, including the limitations of the operators, the product electrically, physically and effects of the tooling operation on the product itself. The broader the designers skills the more efficient and effective the tool design. More importantly, with experience on the production floor – seeing too often, cumbersome and expensive tooling introduced that could not be implement because the designers failed to consider or have the experience in an actual production environment. Time and money is wasted and people are frustrated, soon production tooling is seen as a waste of effort and a source of frustration. With a background in optics, metrology and software, designs are conceptualized and implemented with consideration of all the factors. In many cases, expensive close-tolerance tooling can be avoided by employing simple operator aides such as video imaging, or live feed-back. Knowing how the tools should perform and how people use them is one of the keys to successful implementation. NOTE: In nearly all cases, mechanical designs are confidential. I can discuss generic details of designs implemented contact me to discuss them.

  • Zero-backlash, low drift mechanical assemblies for sub-micron applications.
  • Alignment tooling for lamp/reflector of fiber-optic illuminators.
  • Tip/Tilt stage for rotation of optical devices
  • Mechanical alignment template of mechanical fasteners
  • 15 years Machine Shop Tool & Die Fabrication
Many companies require temporary help in manufacturing with special projects or introducing new products to the floor. Having access to someone with design, documentation and manufacturing skills for short periods is an asset to getting production lines to run smoothly and on schedule. Service extends to devising procedures, developing and designing tooling and implementing it on the floor. A programming and automation background with an emphasis on metrology, processes can be reviewed to see if automation can provide more consistent results or develop performance test and verification systems for critical applications. Many manufacturers have decreased defects and improved product quality through automated testing and production processes. The perception of your customers to automation is a positive one, sending them the message that you are committed to a quality product and process. An additional benefit that I have witnessed from in-flow production testing is that the assemblers and operators can immediately see the results of their work. In a particular operation, there was a 50% product performance failure rate, the company was seriously considering scrapping the product, deeming it ‘unproduceable’. After installing an automated product performance measurement system – that the operators could run themselves – the performance failure rate fell to less then 5%!. The secret was the assemblers could immediately see the results of their work, employ different techniques and modify their process – and see the negative results of deviating from defined procedures and techniques. Needless to say, the system paid for itself and is now a showcase capability of the company.
  • Mechanics
  • Electronics
  • Optics
  • Instrumentation
  • Facility Layout & Work Flow
  • Automated Test Systems
  • Computerizing Processes
  • Performance Verification
  • Life Tests
  • Automated Inspection and Calibration

FDA Validation

We offer contract FDA Validation Services for large and small projects. We have 14 years experience with Bio-medical and Pharmaceutical companies in validation on surgical products and medical device manufacturing test systems.


We can help with small or large projects, or with regulatory maintenance tasks for existing products, we scale our offering to your needs.

  • Surgical Device Validation
  • Medical Device Manufacture Test Systems
  • Regulatory Maintenance Tasks; Label changes, Product Changes


Project Management

26+ Years in Project Management experience intechnical product development and test systems.

  • Aero-Space
  • New Product Development and Manufacturing
  • Trained and Experienced in DOE (Design of Experiments) and DFM (Design For Manufacture)
  • BioMedical (Medial Device manufacture)


  • IBM Yorktown Heights
  • Ortel Corporation
  • MP BioMedical
  • SPAWR Industries
  • GEM Water International LLC
  • Edwards Life Sciences
  • Beckman Coulter Inc
  • Baxter
  • AMO


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